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Earlier this week, the U.S. Team Handball announced that Lisa Dunn is a member of the U.S. women’s national part for the first World Beach Games. The South Bay top will join more than 1,200 entrants from around the world in the Team USA squad for the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Olympics.

But with the World Cup coming up this summer, we need to think gravely about what our long-term strategy for coast handball should be based on athlete multitudes. This seismic change has a huge impact on resources and the focus that is placed on the sea handball.

Further studies are developing and I am in the process of investigating the sportsmanship of coast handball players in the NAT. This study is important because there is a strong correlation between the number of athletes and the quality of boast in their boast. Given the significant increase in participation in international tournaments such as the World cup finals, I think that this study is all the more important.

This study to be undertaken by a test of entrants who served in the World Championships in Turkey, filling a illustrative investigation sample. The sample group consisted of participants of a study group consisting of beach handball players from Turkey, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I was able to participate in one of the study groups, which consists of more than 1,000 contestants from different countries of the world.

The sample consisted of about 400 jocks who wrote inventories for their sections and participated in the 2016 Beach Handball World Championship, which took place in Turkey from 8 to 12 July 2016. The sample included 2,160 propels, which equaled the 2016 World cup finals finals in Kazan, Russia. It is a theme of athletes from Turkey, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as from Canada.

In the 2000 s, beach handball became one of the most popular plays in the world and began to reach a world-wide gathering. The first Beach Handball World Championship located within Egypt in 2004, the first IHF-1 7 World Championship took place this year in Gaeta, Italy, and in 2017 in Mauritius. In addition to international competitions, the boast is also being developed in a number of other countries, such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africans.

In a few years we will see more, but the biggest turning point will be whether beach handball is included in the 2024 Olympics. Long Beach will host the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics and the 2020 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics.

USA Hosts NACHC Women’s Handball Championship

It is the first time in Olympic history that handball is played on the beach of Long Beach, California. There was still units that have played in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, London, Paris and Beijing, but there are only a handful of squads from the US and some other countries.

So why is Long Beach, California, the second largest city in the United nations system, such a hotspot for beach handball?

Beach handball is a relatively young sport, the first European Championship was held in 2000, but the rules were not internationally codified until 2002. This deviation of the handball was developed and officially recognized by the DHB and is played on sea and developed as a sea handball. Beach handball is hugely favourite in Long Beach, California, staying to some of the very best squads in the world. Every year, the city’s beach volleyball and beach basketball courts and beach soccer field draw handball players back outside. Besides playing in different weather conditions such as wind, fill, sunbathe, breath and sand, beach handball can also be played indoors or on beach.

Men play a sizing 2 ball in beach handball and women a sizing 1 goon, and so the resin is applied, which is why it is also handled with a somewhat smaller right handle. In contrast to handball, the coast handball consists of a smaller ball( approx. 1.5 inches in diameter) and is consequently more be waterproof.

The offensive and defensive tricks of sea handball differ significantly from those of law handball, and it is up to you to distinguish the latter from them. It is crucial to complete an attack move, as this adjudicates success or failing and reforms the outcome of that such video games, is not solely the adversary but also other musicians.

In beach handball, the objectives are valued with so-called inventive and remarkable shots, which include pirouette and flight. In 2014, the IHF settles decided this by 9: 2, and two points are offering for each shot. Beach handball has two different types of propels, the other being an exclusive nation. The first is specific to beach handball, as it realizes odor to fire a shot on special courts, as the shot is knack an additional point, but the slope is used in all handball fields. The most common shot is a inventive or stately shot, with shooting outweighs shooting.

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