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The Olympic Sport of Handball is played in over 180 countries more than 19 million people globally. Handball is known as Team Handball in the United States and is becoming more and more popular across the country.

The Handball.Link Network was created by Nathaniel Ible, the Public Relations Officer for the St. Kitts and Nevis Handball Association and former coach of the SKN National Handball Team, to help the ones new to the sport.

Here, you will find a loving community that shares news, advice, and useful tips and links to all things handball. Welcome to Handball’s global-social news source for Handball Players, Handball Parents, students of Handball, and Handball Fans old and new.

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Answers to your Handball or Team Handball Questions

What is Handball or Team Handball?

Handball or Team handball is also known as Olympic handball. It is sometimes compared to Water Polo or “Soccer with Hands”.  The object of Handball is to score goals by passing and throwing a spherical ball, made of leather or like material (not shiny or slippery) into the opponents’ goal. 

The size of a Handball comes in 3 sizes, based on age and gender.

Size Class Circumference
III Male over-16s 58–60 23–24 425–475 15.0–16.8
II Women, male over-12s, and female over-14s 54–56 21–22 325–375 11.5–13.2
I Over-8s 50–52 20–20 290–330 10–12

Handball is played indoors on a 10 m. by 20 m. hardwood court on an Olympic level, with 6 players and a goalie on each team. They pass a ball using their hands and throw it into the opponent’s goal. A match consists of two 30-minute periods; the team that scores more goals wins.

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